A Paysan of the Valley of Carrol


Type: image   A Paysan of the Valley of Carrol
London : published by James Carpenter and Son, 1830-1832
Phys. Desc.:
1 f. de pl. lithogr. en coul. ; 31 cm
Annotation ms. : "La Tour de Carol"
Notice jointe : "To be published by subscription, in royal quarto, the Costumes of the French Pyrenees : consisting of Thirty Drawings of the Male and Female Peasantry of the Pyrenean Valleys, with a characteristic Background. Copied from the Sketches of J. Johnson, Esq.r; drawn on Stone by J. D. Harding; coloured, and accompanied by a Letter-press Description. The work will be published in six parts, each containing five plates. Price of each part : twelve shillings."

Mf. 3
Call N°:
Bibliothèque municipale de Toulouse, A-HARDING (29)
Bound with :
Ancely, René (1876 - 1966). Possesseur
Bibliothèque municipale de Toulouse
-- domaine public

Bibliothèque municipale de Toulouse


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